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My artwork is an eclectic mix of photography, digital art, and painting, with a focus on vibrant color and texture.  My work is inspired by nature and the world around us and I use a variety of techniques and styles to bring my vision to life.  I strive to create art that will be appreciated by viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

My artwork is available in prints, canvases, and digital formats, which can be used to decorate any room or hallway.  I also offer a variety of sizes to fit any budget or space.  My photographs and digital art can also be used for commercial or promotional purposes, with my permission.
All of the photography and digital art creations are from the photographs I've taken and edited, and from my paintings, as well as edits of my paintings.  I can often envision one of my paintings from a digital perspective before the canvas is even dry.  I can see it with different color combinations, movement, and even tweaking the design a bit.  After taking the photographs I can create the digital piece that I think will appeal to a wider audience.

**The Digital works of art are available through an outsourced printing company.  Regretfully, this means that I do not get to lay hands on or personally inspect each piece of art purchased. It comes directly from the printer, so if you have any questions about your item(s), you must deal with them directly on all matters.  Since this is the case I have a few suggestions that will ensure that you get a beautiful work of art that we can both be proud of.  Fine Arts America is used by thousands of artists and they offer a wide range of products to meet almost any budget.  Some items include Shower Curtains, Greeting Cards, Yoga Mats, Canvas Wraps, and Prints.  They provide a limited editing tool to line up the design.  I would ask that you pay close attention to the product and how the art lines up, as Fine Arts America does not make its own correction adjustments. 
When it comes to purchasing canvas wraps or prints, please take into consideration the original shape of the art.  If it is a square, it will not transfer well over to a rectangle.  Also, if a piece of art has an outline, it is possible that changing the size of the piece will affect the outline and how it shows up on your finished piece. With that said, I have seen some lovely pieces from them and I have no doubt that you will be happy with your purchase.


Digital Art & Downloads


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