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Handwriting Analysis

Hypnotherapists use handwriting analysis as one of many tools. It is a means of connecting more deeply with the client in order to see exactly where the client is at the time of the writing.  Handwriting analysis can detect underlying issues that perhaps the client isn't even aware exists.  Our handwriting is our personal stamp. It is a personality profile entailing our positive and negative traits. We can even change certain traits by simply changing our handwriting; such as beliefs, ability, attitudes, moods, motivation, and physical condition. However, there are certain aspects that cannot be changed; our IQ, aptitudes, temperament or identity.  Keep in mind that a handwriting sample tells us where a person is at the "time of the writing" only.  Just as we change, so does our handwriting.


Handwriting analysis has been used by many major corporations in order to review compatibility within the department, honesty, integrity, problem solving, team building, how someone would perform under pressure, inner-personal skills, and emotional stability, to name just a few.  Sheila Kurtz, president and CEO of Graphology Consulting Group and Chief Graphology Officer of the Pilot Pen Corporation says, “In Germany, headhunters require a handwriting sample with each resume. In France, 80% of all businesses use handwriting analysis, and have a graphologist on staff”.


When I do an analysis, I am looking at every stroke, every dot of an "i", cross of a "t" and where it is crossed, the margins, the slant, where the writing is placed on the page, size of the letters, the ovals, and the signature, literally every aspect is examined.  I will provide you with an in-depth personality profile based on your sample.


A Hypnotherapist that has had training in handwriting analysis has the ability to see how the client takes in information, along with a host of other useful information.  Although I utilize handwriting analysis for my hypnotherapy clients, I verbally discuss my findings with the client, rather than giving them a written report and from there we work on an appropriate plan of action that works for them.


If you are interested in having a handwriting analysis done please send us an email with "Handwriting Analysis Inquiry" in the subject line.  Or press the envelope here. 




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