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Affirmations are short, positive, statements that assist us in shifting our thoughts and intentions, to inspire positive thinking, goal setting, and positive action.  If you are looking to change a habit, or manifest some new energy in your life, remember that twenty-one times makes a habit.  If you can stick to a daily regimen  of a particular practice for at least twenty-one days in a row, you have set the habit!  Once something becomes a habit, you notice when you forget to do it.  The fact is that once you make it to the twenty-one days, it is easy to continue the regimen because you begin to notice things shifting in a positive direction early into the process, and that means you are more likely to continue on the path of positive thinking, goal setting, and positive action.  

I highly recommend the use of affirmations in your daily routine.  You can even add them into your meditation time, or exercise routine, etc.  Make it easy to do them, add them to something that you already do.  When I began using affirmations, I would write them down, commit them to memory, and speak them aloud.  Once I began to feel my life shifting, I realized just how powerful affirming something positive daily could be, I was all in.  

Below is some food for thought and some positive affirmations that I've put together for you. 

I know from experience that a positive mind can certainly make for a more positive outlook on life.  Positive thoughts bring about a positive attitude, which brings positive action, and allows more positivity to flow into your life.

To get the most out of the affirmations:

  • Read and repeat them aloud twice daily. 3 times each, once on rising/once before bed.

  • 21 times makes a habit.

  • To get more out of the affirmations, consider writing them down.  - 3 times each, once in the                         morning and once at night.

  • Continue daily writing and repeating, or just repeating (whatever method you are choosing)

  • Keep up the process to manifest positive change in your life.

If you would like some more personalized affirmations, please reach out.
Breathe -
Better Together -
Dont Give Up -
Reiki Principles -
Force of Nature -
Forgiveness -
relax breathe let go
You are brilliant and you have great ideas.  SK Berry2020
thoughts flow sberry
Brave-SK Berry
Divine Timing SK Berry 2020
A Lifetime
We are -
You are Safe -
just be you -
Gentleness -
You are loved -
Do what brings Joy -
i know the answer
Breathe Release Relax
You are Worthy -
You are amazing -
You are enough -
Mindfulness -
Help each other -
Be the Calm -
Trust you instincts -
Going with the flow -
The whole World -
All things grow with love -
Live to inspire -
Be Light -
Love yourself -
Do not feed the fears -
Safe, Love, & Joy
Art Everywhere -
Walking through fear -
Outside your comfort zone -
Success Dream -
Safe Love & Joy -
Reflection -
Going with the flow -
Live in Gratitude -
Power of words -
Negativity -
Be your best self -
Knowledge - SKBerry
Ready to Fly - SKBerry
The Road Ahead - SKBerry
move beyond my fears sberry
Something Wonderful sberry
creative cocreation sberry
Embracing Creativity_sberry
The Time is Now - SKBerry
letting go to laugh SKBerry
Wisdom SKBerry
prosperiety and well being
I trust in my ability SKBerry
I move frwd w courage and grace
I am going with the flow
change is necessary
graditude for those who helped
I am cocreator sberry wcopyright
I flow with the energy of the universe - SKBerry
trust your intuition SKBerry
Welcome blessing SKBerry
Allow your brilliance to shine
Surrounded by beauty - SKBerry
honoring your highest self
The excitement of change - SKBerry
Leadership - SK Berry
I am safe = SKBerry
Past relationships SKBerry
lessons learned - SKBerry
my highest good SKBerry
music of your soul
Learning to say NO SKBerry
excitement of life SKBerry
Growth  SKBerry
I am safe - SKBerry
I am unique - SKBerry
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