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About the Artist

© SK Berry All Rights Reserved

Greetings and a warm welcome to SK Berry Art! Here, you'll uncover a plethora of unique and interesting artistic creations, all of which originate from the stunning state of Colorado. My name is Sandy, and I am the artist responsible for each work of art featured on this site.  


​Since my early years, I have been deeply passionate about art, music, and storytelling. Creating has always served as a driving force in my life. My mother, in particular, was incredibly supportive and encouraging of these interests, which helped me to cultivate and develop them further.

Throughout my school years, I encountered academic challenges and often felt out of place, which was quite difficult for my sensitive self. My understanding of this deepened in early 2022 when I learned that I was neurodivergent.  The more I learned and the more that I was able to review my life, it certainly explained the how and why of so many things that had never fully made sense to me about the way I see and experience the world around me.

Although I still struggle today with various deficits, I realize that my strengths truly lie in my ability to be creative in art and music, to be super organized, my eye for detail, to see patterns in things that others don't see, problem solver, and one of my favorites, is the ability to hyperfocus on things that interest me. Being able to take deep dives has gifted me with knowledge and new skills, not only in my many artistic endeavors but in life in general.

Art has the power to stir emotions and unite individuals, and my goal is to create thoughtful, impactful works that resonate with the heart and imagination. I aim to remind everyone that we each have something unique to contribute to the world, and to show that, despite our varied backgrounds, and differences, we share more similarities than we may realize. 

My art is inspired by the beauty of nature and the people around me. Every piece I create is an expression of my inner world and a reflection of the world we live in.

I welcome everyone to explore my work and discover what resonates with them.

​Thank you, I appreciate your support.

​All the Best,

In Gratitude, Sandy

SK Berry Art

Painting. Color splatter of hot pink and orange. Looks like molten lava. Sharp corners and interesting shapes.

For those in the Aurora Colorado area, you can see my Acrylic Pour Art Collection on display at Gina's Kitchen inside Parkside Eatery. 

© SK Berry All Rights Reserved
© Copyright All Rights Reserved SK Berry
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